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artist bio

   Jessalynn Jones has a B.A. in painting and drawing from Southern Oregon University. She has also studied art in England at Emerson College (which is a Steiner-based college where Waldorf teachers are trained), as well as a short stint in Florence, Italy. Her work reflects her diverse training and life experience, as well as her passion for self-expression and her love for color. 

   Jessalynn is also the lead singer of Fractal Love Jam. FLJ features Jessalynn on vocals and her husband, Martin Ball, as composer and multi-instrumentalist. Live performances also include Bram Lightbourne on the EWI. Together they make a dynamic and varied mix of electronic-acoustic music with alternative, reggae, and world fusion influences. The overall sound is an alchemical mix of synthetic and organic, electronic and acoustic, and intricate song writing with dance-infused rhythms and textures.

   Jessalynn currently lives in Ashland, OR, with her husband, Martin, her son, Jaden, their dog, Moxi, and their cat, Trinity. 

     "FemBuddha" 2008, oil on canvas, 36x36"
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